What is InnoMetal?

InnoMetal is a high-end “real” liquid metal that can be applied to any surface. Whether you have an exciting new project that requires a seamless metal coating or wish to enhance existing areas and projects by recoating them to breathe a new lease of life with a luxurious metal coating, we have a finish to suit. With InnoMetal you can produce beautiful, bespoke seamless surface designs “What you can create is limited only by imagination”.

Why Choose InnoMetal?

In brief our products are easier to use than ever before saving around 30% on consumables, our system has been engineered to give an improved high-end level of finish. Our improved binder system allows for extra coverage on profiles and edges which drastically reduces risk of breaking through with abrasives coupled with the fact that you no longer need to start sanding as low as 180g or 240g as the product surfaces are smoother after curing.

What can InnoMetal be applied to?

Common substrates include Steel, Aluminium, MDF, Plastic, Ceramic, fibreglass, concrete, laminate, glass, foam, ABS and many more. Our products are ideal for recoating a tired or unwanted surface appearance and transforming it to a high-end luxurious polished, brushed, textured or aged finish.

How is InnoMetal applied?

InnoMetal products can be applied by a standard HVLP spray gun, paint roller, brush or texturing tool.

How is InnoMetal cured?

Our metal coatings can be cured at room temperature over a period of 12 – 14 hours. Accelerated curing is possible at around 40° Celsius and above or infrared heat lamps can be used where bake facilities are not available.

How is InnoMetal finished?

Once cured, rub the surface briefly with steel wool, work with 320 grit sandpaper or discs then sand to desired finish. If smooth and polished surfaces are required, the surface is abraded to around 1200g then polished.

What is Patina and how is it used?

InnoMetal Patina can be applied to our finishes to create a wide range of effects including aged, verdigris, antique-brushed, blackened, rust, distressed, weathered, mottled, marbled tones etc.

Do I need to protect InnoMetal after applying?

InnoMetal products are very durable and have been weather tested to 30 years so can be applied to exterior projects as well as interior. We have a range of clear coat lacquers and waxes that can seal the finish if required.


InnoMetal products have been tested to 30 years exterior use and weather resistance, we are B1 & B2 fire rated and certified to meet the requirements of IMO resolution MSC.307(88) for surface flammability. We also have new taber abrasion test data to highlight durability and substrate adhesion.