Satin Clear Coat Lacquer Non-Isocyanate 2K UV Resistant Direct To Metal 2.5ltr Kit



Isocyanate free UV Resistant 2k clear coat lacquers are now official available! Developed to be a thinner, more user-friendly coating to retain lustre and metal qualities our fully compliant “Direct to Metal” clear coat lacquers are available in Gloss, Satin and Matt. They adhere directly to our products and any other metal substrates opening up yet more possibilities to our customers! Whether it be required for signage, staircases, sculptures, general metal work or existing project our innovative new products will deliver ever time.

This product is mainly used to seal our black patina finishes.

For rust and verdigris finishes we advise using our matt product.


This 2.5ltr Pack Contains:

1ltr Satin Clear Coat Lacquer

1ltr Hardener

0.5lts Thinner

13 M2 per mixed litre (assuming 100% transfer efficiency) @ 25 micron dry film thickness