Black Patina Solution 2 litres BP2

What is it:

  • Patina is used to age/change the look of the liquid metal finish.
  • We offer 2 options: Black & Green

Black patina:

  • Naturally oxidises Bronze (all), Brass (all), Copper, Iron, Nickel, Gold and Aluminium to blackened oxidised tone.
  • Manganese creates a blackish violet shine
  • Can be diluted up to 90% with tap water.
  • Time of reaction: within minutes




InnoMetal Black Patina solution is designed to darken, age and weather some of our product range such as Brass (all), Copper, Bronze (all), Aluminium, Iron, Zinc, Nickel and Gold.

Black Patina can be diluted up to 90% with water to vary the tonal difference from black to a light brown wash effect.

Patina can be applied in a number of ways including by cloth, trigger spray bottle, brush and many more. Remember to neutralise with water after the desired level is achieved to halt oxidisation. The finish can then be sealed with wax, oil, clear coat or left to age naturally over time.