Green Patina Solution 2 litres GP2

What is it:

  • Patina is used to age/change the look of the liquid metal finish.
  • We offer 2 options: Black & Green

Green patina:

  • Creates a Verdigris look to Bronze, Copper, Manganese and Nickel Silver.
  • Iron reacts to create a natural authentic rust finish.
  • Time of reaction: 2 hours + depending on conditions.


What do you get:

2ltr bottle of dilutable patina




InnoMetal Green Patina solution is used to create verdigris on Copper, Bronze (all), Nickel Silver and Manganese. When used with Iron it will create a natural rust effect.

Patina can be applied in a number of ways including by cloth, trigger spray bottle, brush and many more.

Remember to neutralise with water after the desired level is achieved to halt oxidisation. The finish can be sealed with a matt clear coat or left open to age naturally over time.