Iwata W400 1.4 Gravity Fed Spray Gun

The W400 BellAria 1.4 Classic comes with standard flat nozzle technology and combined with its conical shaped air caps that reduce gun spits which gives the painter a smooth trouble-free application that’s hard to match. Also, with the W400’s balance, trigger reach and economic design help reduce repetitive strain issues when using a spray gun for long periods of time.




At InnoMetal we have a wide range of liquid metal finishes that are at the forefront of modern design, providing customers the opportunity to have a real metal surface applied to almost any substrate. Our liquid metal coatings can offer a wide selection of finishes from highly polished to weathered, aged, rust or a verdigris look. By offering a solvent or water based liquid metal finish as an option the customer can now explore bespoke finishes that match their design aspirations.

As well as giving the project a stunning finish, our liquid metal coatings come highly certificated for interior and exterior applications. The solvent system has fire, smoke, abrasion, flame spread, IMO certification and has also been weather tested to 30 years.

Why not explore the full range of finishes available and try something truly innovative.

Product coverage on average is 1 – 2 m2 per kg depending on application.