Water Based Haftgrund Primer 4kg




Description: Grey pigmented, quartz sand-filled performance primer for use on smooth, non-absorbent or light-absorbent substrates. Substrates: Old ceramic tile coverings, concrete and natural masonry, concrete, coated and uncoated chipboard.
Properties: Adhesive bridge for dense, smooth and pore-closed substrates. Creates a non-slip
contact layer and prevents the subsequent coating build-up from burning on. Solvent-free and
Application: Stir thoroughly before fumigation to distribute any settled quartz sand homogeneously. The substrate must be dry, free from dirt, dust, loose particles, oil, fats and other release agents. Apply with a lambskin roller, brush or suitable spraying tool. The object and ambient temperature must not be below +5c and not above 30c. Drying times are 1-2 hours under normal conditions.
Coverage: 15 sqr mtrs  depending on substrate condition.